Enhance user engagement and interaction with the power of ChatGPT in miniExtensions. Create a captivating and dynamic extension that allows your users to effortlessly engage in conversational experiences with the advanced language model. With this innovative feature, users can initiate interactive chat sessions, seek information, ask questions, and receive intelligent responses powered by ChatGPT.


To utilize this extension, it is necessary to set your own OpenAI API key in the workspace settings of miniExtensions.

Use Cases

This extension is useful in many scenarios, including:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Customer Support
  • Language Learning
  • Decision Support
  • Language Translation


In this demo, you can discuss any topic related to mathematics. Discussion about other topics will not be entertained by ChatGPT.


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Third Party Integration

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We offer limited and unlimited plans. To learn more about how our limits work, see this article.


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