Bring the power of AI to supercharge your base

Enhance your Airtable experience by harnessing the power of AI with this extension. Seamlessly process and manipulate content in Airtable using advanced AI capabilities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Type in the prompt/command you want to execute.
  2. Select the field where the input value is.
  3. Select the field where the output results should be stored.


Here are some examples of what the extension can do to Text Content:

  1. Generate Content: create marketing copy, product descriptions, email campaigns, landing pages, blog articles, or social media posts in seconds using only a few keywords.
  2. Summarize Content: give an outline of job candidates’ answers for easier evaluation.
  3. Transform Content: rewrite paragraphs with a different tone to sound more formal or casual.
  4. Grammar Check: fix all typos and correct sentences automatically.
  5. Translate: render the text in another language.

Here are other examples of how to manipulate Data:

  1. Data Classification: categorizing data based on specific criteria, or common characteristics.
  2. Data Cleaning: standardize large amounts of data. E.g. convert text to uppercase or lowercase, remove duplicates, or correct formatting inconsistencies (remove double spaces or certain punctuation).
  3. Data Transformation: aggregate data, calculate new columns based on existing data or convert data between different formats. Run advanced mathematical equations.
  4. Data Analysis: Analyze trends and perform financial forecasting based on historical data.
  5. Data Validation: check for correct format, range, or uniqueness of data (missing/inconsistent data). Validate email or URL formats.

Use Cases

This extension is useful in many scenarios, including:

  • Count the number of words, characters, or specific terms in a record.
  • Providing answers to a list of questions.
  • Executing RegEx functions.
  • Draft personalized email responses.
  • Analyze customer feedback to identify trends.

DEMO: visit the sample view below to see the results of some tests processed with this extension.


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