Allow people to update some parts of existing records without giving them full access to Airtable
miniExtensions Form For Airtable 1

*The form can also be embedded inside a webpage!

While Airtable Form is great for simple tasks, our powerful tool allows you to tackle even more complex projects (compare the differences). Our form allows you to do almost anything that you can do with Airtable Form, and much more. Our goal is to add every possible feature in one powerful, yet easy-to-use tool. If you are looking for a specific feature to be added, reach out to us!

How do people access their records?

There are 2 different ways to share the form with your users:

1. Generate Unique URLs

You can generate a Direct Link for every record in your table, using a formula field. When those URLs are accessed, the form will be loaded with the data that exists in Airtable for that particular record. Once the person saves their changes on our form, the Airtable record is instantly updated to reflect those changes.

2. Add a Login Page

Before the users reach the form, this option adds an additional step so they can look up their records first. Learn more about this feature.

💡Editing Records

You can use miniExtensions Form to update existing records that you have in Airtable, as well as create new records. Records edited or created with our form are instantly saved to Airtable, without any delay!


If this is not exactly what you’re looking for, we have a few similar extensions:
Form with Login Page, Form with Lookup Page, or even our Search Page extension.

Form Overall Features

  • Multi-purpose: create new records or update existing records (or even delete them).
  • Multiple Forms: you can create as many forms as you need.
  • Embeddable: forms can be embedded in any webpage.
  • Read-only fields: disable editing some fields (or lock them all to share record previews only).
  • Conditional Fields: show some fields only when certain requirements are met.
  • Prefill Hidden Fields: form can be pre-filled using prefill_ parameters (including hidden fields!)
  • Duplicate Prevention: you can prevent duplicate records with the same value.
  • Field Validation: prevent form submissions if conditions aren’t met.
  • Default Value: auto-fill specific fields without needing prefill parameters in the URL.
  • Image option: you can add an image in any field.
  • Section Headers: the ability to add a “title block” to group a set of fields together and separate them.
  • Footer Section: add custom notes to the bottom.
  • Custom Styling: an option to customize the cover image, logo, buttons..etc.
  • Custom Confirmation Page: choose a custom success message (thank you screen) or redirect to a URL.
  • Dynamic Redirect URL: send the users to custom links in an Airtable field.
  • Create another record: after form submission, you have the option to add another record from scratch or make another copy of the previous record.
  • User Identification: an option to collect the user’s location and IP address.
  • CAPTCHA: human validation to protect your form against bots.
  • Password Protection: forms can optionally be password-protected.
  • Auto-Disable Editing: let forms ‘expire’ based on certain conditions.
  • Login Page: an option to allow users to look up their own records.
  • Field Type Support: all field types are supported.
  • White-labeled: no miniExtensions branding.
  • Full Support: priority live chat support.

Field Specific Features

Who is it for?

This solution is ideal if you’re missing some advanced features that are available in Google Forms, JotForm, Typeform, or Formstack.

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it to:

  • Let employees update existing records
  • Allow your customers to update their profiles
  • Create a check-in form with signatures
  • Create an intake form for your clients
Airtable Form vs miniExtensions Form

Form Advanced Features

These are dedicated pages that explain each feature in detail.

If you click on the sample view below, you’ll see the table that’s used for the demo above.


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Supported features

Third Party Integration

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Site visitor
Site visitor

once the form is created, can it be embedded into a website?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is there a way to make a form that pulls fields from multiple tables?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Where can I find documentation for additional styling in CSS?

Site visitor
Site visitor

I want a simple way for our team to update existing records without having to use the grid view of contacts. I was expecting to have a form that you could look up the contact by Client Name and then add/update fields.

Site visitor
Site visitor

I want to use this to send to an Airtable database of students email addresses to ask them if they have received a university interview. Is it possible to have a unique form for each person so pre-filled with their name? The problem I’ve had in the past with a normal form is that we get multiple entries and the responses aren’t hooked to the actual database so I can’t follow up with those who haven’t replied yet.

Site visitor
Site visitor

How many of those forms can I have per base and per table?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Can you help with how to use this extension to update existing records?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is it possible after the submit to reopen the same form?

Site visitor
Site visitor

We have a WP website and we want to autofill the logged-in user data when they click on the form link.

Site visitor
Site visitor

Do the form users need to have editing access in Airtable in order to save changes?

Site visitor
Site visitor

I’d like to prefill multiple fields. What is the syntax?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Can I create a form that includes fields from several tables in the same base?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Can I use my custom domain for the form?

Site visitor
Site visitor

 Is there a way to allow users to replace a file after submitting a form?

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Site visitor
Reply to  miniExtensions

How do they access the form if they didn’t get a confirmation email?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is there a way to create a form where half the answers go to one table and the other half go to another table in the same base?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is it possible to create a record with a form and after submitted redirect to a nice (automatic) unique record page of that same record? which combination of extensions should I use for this? I’m lost with so many options, I’ve checked and checked but none seem to match this behavior.

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is it possible to use the form to edit non-synced fields in a synced tabled?


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