Display Airtable records as if they're part of your website

This extension generates a gallery of Airtable records that blends into your website. It automatically adjusts its height based on the content. This extension is perfect for displaying arts or portfolios.

Grid View?

If you are looking to embed a grid view in your website, please check out our other extension.


1. Embed on your site

The following is a live demo of this extensions embedded in this webpage. Test the drop-down list filters to see how the height adjusts automatically!

2. Link

This extension can also be used as a full webpage:


  • The ability to create multiple different galleries.
  • Masonry style grid (like Pinterest).
  • Automatically adjust height/layout for different aspect ratios.
  • The ability to hide empty fields.
  • Completely white labeled.
  • Supports editing records via the built-in form.
  • You can allow users to download records as CSV.
  • Transparent background so it can be embedded anywhere.
  • The embedded gallery updates as you add more info in Airtable.
  • Filter buttons based on views.
  • Search function within the view.
  • Supports playing video attachments!
  • Supports for rendering HTML content in a formula field.
  • Clickable linked records: now you can connect multiple tables together and navigate between them.
  • Conditional visibility logic: hide certain fields if certain conditions were met.ūüÜē
  • Expand records: show some fields only after users click on ‘more’.

Making the view editable is optional, not required. So you can just embed a white-labeled view in your website!

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it to:

  • Embed products gallery on your website
  • Photography portfolio

If you have a WordPress website, then you can use our plugin which offers an easier integration.

If you click on the sample view below, you’ll see the table that generated the demo gallery above.


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Third Party Integration

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Site visitor
Site visitor
11 months ago

Is there a way to password-protect the share URL?

Site visitor
Site visitor
11 months ago

I’m looking for an example of embedding a gallery view in a WordPress site.

Site visitor
Site visitor
10 months ago

I thought I saw on a video you could add tabs to filter results?


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