Mass export them with 1-click

Instead of downloading Airtable attachments one record at a time, compile and export all attachments from multiple records in a given field into a single zip file. You can also limit it to only export attachments from a specific Airtable view.
⚠️ Tested with thousands of records and multiple GB.


  • Export all attachments with 1-click.
  • An option to limit downloads to a specific Airtable view.
  • An option to rename attachment files after a value in another Airtable field (e.g. formula).
  • An option to preserve original filenames.


I clicked run and nothing immediately happened, why?

Compiling and zipping take time. It might be a while before downloading starts. Especially if you have many records. Be patient!

Can I download attachments from a single record only rather than downloading every attachment in a field?

Yes, add a new View in Airtable and filter it so that it only includes the one record you want.


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Site visitor
Site visitor

I’m looking for easy way to rename attachments already in Airtable. 

Site visitor
Site visitor

Our goal is to be able to donwload all the attachment for a certain month — our accountant have a filter set.

Site visitor
Site visitor

I entered this API key but it is still downloading 1 row at a time.


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