Formerly known as View Editor. Give access to others and control which fields can be seen or edited.

With this extension, you can share an editor for an Airtable view. You can decide which fields are shown in the editor and share it with those you’d like to give access.

The grid view extension displays your data in a familiar spreadsheet-style format, making it easy to view, sort, filter, and manipulate your data with ease. In the grid view, each row represents a single record in your table, while each column represents a field in that record, and you can customize the grid to fit your needs with various formatting options. You can also sort, and filter your data using different criteria and view your data in different arrangements. Additionally, the grid view provides various interactive functions, such as adding attachments and comments, and creating linked records, making it a versatile and powerful tool for managing data.

đź’ˇThis extension is ideal for an employer who wants some employees to work on Airtable with limited access.

Shared View for Airtable (Grid) 1Shared View for Airtable (Grid) 2
Airtable view vs miniExtensions
Conditionally Filtered Views

If you’re looking to pass URL parameters into a view so it filters the grid to show only particular records that match, check out our feature Automatic View Generator.


This extension can be used in 2 different ways:

1. Direct Link

Here’s a sample link of an editable view that you can share with others.

2. Embed in your site

Here’s the same view embedded inside this page as an example.

  • No limit on how many users.
  • Field-level access control.
  • Support having multiple Airtable views.
  • Search function within the view and filters.
  • Optional feature to have the view password protected.
  • Supports editing records via the built-in form.

Making the view editable is optional, not required. So you can just embed a white-labeled view on your website!


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Third Party Integration

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Site visitor
Site visitor

Will anyone who is using this extension need to be a paid user with Airtable? If I wanted to share editor views with customers, would they each need “editor” permissions in Airtable? And would I need to in-turn pay for each of those users?

Reply to  Site visitor

They would not need editor permissions (nor Airtable accounts). Only one Airtable account with “creator” or “editor” permission is required to setup a View Editor. Then, it can be shared with an unlimited amount of people. You would not have to pay extra for those people.

Site visitor
Site visitor

I need to delete an entire row. How do I do this?

Reply to  Site visitor

In order to be able to delete records, you will need to enable that feature from the “advanced” options section.

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is it possible to have something like this (Grid View Editor) but with a login? (like with user and pin).

Reply to  Site visitor

Yes, please check out our portal extension. It allows you to have a grid view with a login.

Client Portal for Airtable

Share records with people outside of your organization. Limit them to only see their records and allow them to update some parts of the records.


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