Let anyone lookup records without giving them access to Airtable
💡 Update

We launched features in our portal extension that allow you to search and filter records. It’s a better alternative in most use cases.

Search Page for Airtable 1

Here’s an example to see how this extension works.

Search Page for Airtable 2

You can also display the records in a gallery.

Both of these live demos above are using this Airtable View

With this extension, you can share a web page that allows people to search your Airtable base. You can decide which fields can be searched and which fields are shown in search results. It generates a unique search page URL for you that you can share with those you’d like to give access to.

💡This extension is ideal for allowing clients to lookup data in Airtable without having to create an Airtable view for each client.

Optional Features

  • The extension can be embedded inside your own website (with automatic height adjustment).
  • The search page can contain multiple fields.
  • You can allow users to edit records via the built-in form.
  • You can allow users to download records as CSV.
  • Supports direct in-line editing for all field types in the grid view.
  • Optionally you can allow users to add new records.
  • Supports looking up records by scanning Barcodes/QR codes.
    (so you can scan a barcode and see an Airtable record as a result)

If your table uses linked records for users, then you are looking to create a login page for your clients instead. We recommend using miniExtensions Portal to display records that are relevant to them. (use case examples)

Automatic View Generator

Another use case for this extension is to generate dynamic views. It allows direct access to the view URL (results page), skipping the search page. Instead of manually creating a view for each client or employee, you can use this extension to share their data with very minimal effort. Just decide which field(s) they can access. Then you can share the results page URL with them and they’ll skip the search or login page, and be taken directly to the generated view. Learn more

Use Cases

Here are some examples of common use cases for this extension:

  • Tracking Order Status
  • Lookup Inventory


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Site visitor
Site visitor

Can the results page be accessed without typing in search? I want to give my customer a link that redirect to their record without needing to look it up manually.

Site visitor
Site visitor

I have 3 fields X, Y and Z. Currently it is compulsory for all 3 fields. What I want is even though I have given 3 fields for searching, some times I want to search with only 1 or 2 fields out of 3. How can I do this?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Can you search with a barcode on the search page?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is there a way to edit the “lookup field” information in the linked table?

Site visitor
Site visitor

We are finding that the search engine is too precise for normal use by someone who is not familiar with the entries in the Base. Is it possible to make the extension show results that are not as precise? For example, for the record with Name “xyz shop” entering “xyz shop” shows the record perfectly, but entering “xyz” shows “No records found”.

Site visitor
Site visitor

Some records are not showing up in the search results, why?

Site visitor
Site visitor

I want all records to be searchable, how?

Site visitor
Site visitor

I want to hide some records from being searched, how?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Can I make the search page password protected?

Client Portal for Airtable

Share records with people outside of your organization. Limit them to only see their records and allow them to update some parts of the records.


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