Share a Search Page for Airtable to Lookup Records

This extension can be used in 3 different ways:

1. Search Page

With this extension, you can share a web page that allows people to search your Airtable base. You can decide which fields can be searched and which fields are shown in search results. It generates a search page URL for you that you can share with those you’d like to give access to.

2. Client Portal

You can also use this as a client portal. Where they can login and see some specific data that you allow them to see. This tool is particularly useful if you have clients/employees/students and you only want them to be able to see the records that they are associated with, and none of the other records in your base.

3. Automatic View Generator

Instead of manually creating a view for each client or employee, you can use this extension to share their data with a very minimal effort. Just decide which field(s) they can access. Then you can share the search results page URL with them and they’ll be skipping the search page, and taken directly to the generated view.

💡This extension is ideal for sharing data with clients without having to create an Airtable view for each client.


Live Demo (You can use 47652875837289 for Student ID)

The live demo uses this Airtable View.

  • Generates a search webpage URL
  • Allow to select searchable field(s)
  • Allows to select returned field(s)
use case examples

Order status lookup Ticket tracking Search student's grades

Overall Limitations

  • Records limit: the max number of records that can be loaded at once is 500. (capped for performance reasons)
  • Grouped records: grouping feature is not supported.
  • Filter and sort: filtering and sorting settings are inherited from the defined Airtable view.
  • Row number: the row number on the left side of each record is not displayed.
  • Column width: unadjustable.
  • Row height: unadjustable.

Fields detection: field names are automatically detected, but not sorted like Airtable. However, you can re-order columns manually. If a field is completely empty, it must be entered manually. Also, if a field name is updated in Airtable, it has to be updated in miniExtensions as well.

Field Type Limitations


  • March 8, 2020

Supported features

  • ✖️ scheduling
  • ✖️ webhook

Third Party Integration

  • None


Most frequent questions and answers

There’s no limit on the number of records you can process. Unlike Zapier and Integromat, our pricing is per month, not per record. However, there might be limitations by third party integrations. Also, some extensions can only run on one table at a time. Please refer to each extension’s page on whether or not it supports running on multiple tables simultaneously.

Yes. Submit your request here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

No. If you’re not sure that an extension will be a good fit for you, please note that we usually make updates when users request them. We try our best to make things work like expected.