Turn URLs -or anything- into scannable QR codes

Convert URLs -or anything- to QR code images. Automatically ge and upload them as Airtable attachments. Generate them all at once instead of doing it one by one.

Input examples: URL text email phone number contact card event..etc.

💡This extension works perfectly when used together with our 2 extensions:
1. Update Airtable Record by Opening a URL
2. Create Airtable Records Using a Webhook URL


I see gray icons instead of QR code images, why?

These placeholders mean that Airtable is still working on generating your thumbnails. This process takes time. Just wait! It could take hours and will resolve on its own. Don’t worry!


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Site visitor
Site visitor

The qr code I generated is named “unnamed attachement.png”. If I generate in bulk, will they all have their own unique name? I.e. can I download them and still know which record they belong to?

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Site visitor

For every new record entered, does it automatically create qrcode once its setup? or do we have to repeat a procedure?

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Site visitor

Can I keep the generated QR codes even when I cancel my subscription?

Site visitor
Site visitor

Does this extension create QR code URL for every record in Airtable? We want to pull up that particular record when we scan a QR code.

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Site visitor

I’d like to use miniExtensions form, but I want to open the form when I scan a QR code already associated with a record.

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Site visitor

I’m trying to generate the alpha numeric number for QR codes for my inventory. Then I plan to use the image generator in my Airtable. Can you help me with generation the alpha numeric number?

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Site visitor

Is it possible to generate the QR code inside of a Frame? This is exactly what I was looking for in terms of generating QR codes automatically inside of airtable. But I would like the QR code inside of a “Scan Me” Frame. Is that possible?

miniExtensions Portal for Airtable

Share records with people outside of your organization. Limit them to only see their records and allow them to update some parts of the records.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can use the subscription on different bases/accounts. It covers universal access to all of our extensions which extensions can be setup for multiple bases and tables. We explain how many Airtable bases you can use on our pricing page.


On paid plans, there’s no limit on the number of records you can process. Unlike Zapier and Integromat, our pricing is per month, not per record. However, there might be limitations by third party integrations.


We have instructional videos for how to use each one of our extensions on the product page. They guide you step-by-step of how to set them up.


We’re not offering discounts at this time. And we don’t require any commitment.


Unfortunately, we only offer plans that provide unlimited access to all of our extensions.


Yes. Submit your request here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.