Modify your images and save attachments storage space automatically
💡 Update

This extension has been updated so it doesn’t rely on a 3rd party integration. It’s now a standalone extension that compresses images out of the box.

This extension compresses, resizes, or rotates images on Airtable using TinyPNG. You just need to select the field where the images are stored and it will process the image + upload them to a new field. You can also set it up to automatically process any new records going forward.

Works with standard file types: JPEG, JPG and PNG

The extension supports the ability to only process records in a specific Airtable view.

⚠️ This extension, when used for compression, eliminates Exif metadata while preserving the image dimensions, solely reducing the file size.


My new images are showing as gray icons, why?

These placeholders mean that Airtable is still working on generating your thumbnails. This process takes time. Just wait!

When I click on an attachment, I see this!

This is also Airtable processing your files. It could take hours and will resolve on its own. Don’t worry!

Some of my images have not been compressed, why?

Because their file type is not supported. Like GIF.

My attachment field contains non-image files, what will happen to them?

Any non-supported file will be copied over in its original state. Example: docs, videos, etc.

Will my image dimensions change when only doing compression?

No, this extension only makes the file size smaller.


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