Convert URLs to Attachments in Bulk on Airtable

Bulk upload attachments from existing URLs

For those who have a list of file URLs that would like to turn into Airtable attachments. Instead of uploading attachments one by one, you can use this extension to upload all of them at once. It works with unlimited records. Whether you you have a single or multiple URLs in a record, all of the them will be uploaded in their assigned field.

💡This tool works with any file format (image, PDF, etc), but it’s especially useful for those missing IMAGE("") function from Google Sheets.

Supported features

  • ✅ scheduling
  • ✅ webhook

Third Party Integration

  • None


Most frequent questions and answers

There’s no limit on the number of records you can process. Our pricing is per month, not per record. However, there might be limitations by third party integrations. Also, extensions can only run on one table at a time.

Yes. We usually build requested features in less than 48 hours. Submit your request here.