Turn existing links into attachments

For those who have a list of file URLs that would like to turn into Airtable attachments. Instead of uploading attachments one by one, you can use this extension to upload all of them at once. It works with unlimited records. Whether you you have a single or multiple URLs in a record, all of the them will be uploaded and imported in their assigned field.

ūüí°This tool works with any file type (images, PDFs, etc), but it’s especially useful for ex-Google Sheets users (or Notion) who are missing IMAGE("") function.

Supported Features

  • Processing multiple URLs (different fields or comma separated)
  • Supports up to 10 different tables.
  • Dropbox share URLs. Example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a1b2c3d4ef5gh6/example.docx?dl=0
  • Google Drive share URLs. (only public ones, not private!)
    Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kazyfB4JHoZSmczN-FBVXB4C8qN5b46G/view?usp=sharing
What about the other way around?

We have another extension that converts attachments to URLs.


My new attachment thumbnails are showing as gray icons, why?

These placeholders mean that Airtable is still working on generating your thumbnails. This process takes time. Just wait!

When I click on an attachment, I see this!

This is also Airtable processing your files. It could take hours and will resolve on its own. Don’t worry!

Some of my URLs have not been converted, why?

Make sure those are publicly accessible -not protected- files (example: they end with a file format like .jpg, .png, .pdf, etc).

Dropbox URL has not been converted, why?

First make sure the link is still working by opening it in your browser. Then make sure it is public, not private.

Google Drive URL has not been converted, why?

Shared file has to be public on the web. Any other choice won’t work.


Supported features

Third Party Integration

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Site visitor
Site visitor
10 months ago

I have urls that are pre-generated but don’t necessarily have images yet. Over time they are filled in but I would need to push for new images at different intervals. The question I have is how this is controlled?

Site visitor
Site visitor
10 months ago

Can this import files from OneDrive or SharePoint?

Site visitor
Site visitor
10 months ago

I am trying to create a field that converts an image URL to an image file in Airtable. Is this possible?

Site visitor
Site visitor
9 months ago

Would it be possible to import Dropbox images directly to Airtable?


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