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Airtable is great, but it’s even greater when you plug it in with other tools. We build a wide set of powerful, yet easy-to-use, extensions that take your workflow to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to automate repetitive tasks, integrate Airtable with your favorite apps, or build custom interfaces for your data, we have the tools to make it happen effortlessly.


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Bridging the Gap - Take Airtable Beyond Its Limits

miniExtensions is a platform that offers a suite of powerful extensions to enhance the functionality of Airtable. The idea is to make Airtable more powerful and customizable, so it can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your use case even more closely.

If you’re looking to extend the capabilities of Airtable, enabling more automation, and integration with other services beyond what is possible with Airtable by default, then miniExtensions is the right tool for you.

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We’ve served a wide range of clients since 2019, from small businesses to multinational companies. Our extensions have been deployed by Fortune 500 companies and customers worldwide.

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Advanced Form
For Editing Records

We built the most advanced form for Airtable. It’s the ideal solution for any power user.


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We currently have a few extensions, and adding more soon…


Streamline your workflow

“Building on the existing functionalities of Airtable forms, this app lets you add new features to your forms. It can also be used to add CAPTCHA challenges, and to collect respondents’ IP addresses.”

“Sometimes you don’t want your third-party vendors to have access to everything. This app limits external team’s access to your Airtable marketing records, while still allowing them to view— and even update—relevant records.”


Essential tool for marketers​

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