Allow people to update their profiles if they exist, or send them to a signup form if they don't

⚠️ Update

This extension is now replaced with our Advanced Form. Its login page feature allows you to have conditional redirect based on the looked-up value.

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Share a link with your customers where they can register if they’re new and/or update their info if their record already exists.

One of the most common use cases for this extension is to send users to a registration form if they are new users, or send them to a record update form if they are existing users. (by integrating with Advanced Form extension)

Example: users type their phone number into a text field and it will search all the existing phone number you have in Airtable to see if there’s a match. If there is a match, they are redirected to the record editor. If there isn’t a match, you can send them to a different URL where they can register.

You can use the extension for different forms (or URLs) that have nothing to do with each other. All what the extension does is that it checks if a record exists in a table or not and then it redirects the user based on that result.


  • Generates a page to look up records.
  • Lookup can be a single field or multiple fields.
  • Search can be using text, Barcode or QR code.
  • Automatically redirects users based on their search results.
  • The redirection link can be dynamic by using a formula field’s value.
  • Supports optional fallback redirect URL if a record is not found.
  • Can be integrated with other extensions like (miniExtensions Form to Edit and Create Airtable Records).
⚠️ Android 11 Notice

We had reports that some Android 11 users had issues with the barcode scanner. Please test the scanner to make sure it works on your device and does not suffer from any issues.

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it to:

  • Let users update their personal records
  • Redirect users to a sign up form if they’re new
⚠️ Mobile Browsers That Support Barcode/QR Code Scanning

Safari 11+

▪ Chrome 59+
▪ Firefox 55+
▪ Samsung Internet 7+ ▪ Opera 46+

Chrome on iOS isn’t scanning QR code, why?

Safari is the only browser that can have access to the camera on iOS devices. Apple doesn’t allow live scanning with third party browsers. Live scanning will only work in Safari. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get around that limitation. Apple does not allow Chrome (or any other browser) to have that feature. So we recommend that you switch browsers. Check the full list of supported mobile browsers.


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Site visitor
Site visitor

I would like to have a function with conditional redirection when the person types in a user ID.
1. If the user id is already in the list -> a page where the user can edit the information.
2. If the user id is not on the list -> a page where the user can add a new record (user id) and the information.


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