Send users to specific pages based on their answers. aka Conditional Paths, Page Rules, or Logic.

Let users skip certain steps (hide pages) or go straight to the final page based on their answers.


There are 2 choices for implementing conditional logic for workflows.

1. Conditional Sections or Pages

Switch the form to multi-page mode and set a condition rule on the section (page) level.

2. Redirect to Airtable Field after form submission

Also, one of the most powerful features in miniExtensions Form is the ability to redirect users to a URL in an Airtable field. That field could be a formula that produces a custom URL specifically made for each user.

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it to:

  • Send users to a custom confirmation
  • Redirect users to a different second step (another form) based on their answers in the first one
  • Pass the {record_id} and other variables that were filled in the form.
  • Show users all their previous submissions by integrating with the portal extension
  • Show users the record they created by redirecting to a read-only form


Here is an example. After you save the form, you’ll be redirected to different pages based on your answer:

If you click on the sample view below, you’ll see the table that’s used for the demo above.


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