Copy records to another table with a single click

This extension lets you copy Airtable records to another table automatically by checking a checkbox or selecting a dropdown option.

Whenever you need to have some records live in 2 different tables, this extension is for you. Whether you use these copies as standard templates or use them as backups, this extension will save you from doing this work manually.

Moving Airtable Records?

If you need to move records instead of copying them, you should check our other extension.


  • When a record gets added to a specific view, it’s automatically copied to another table.
  • After the record is successfully copied to another table, the original record gets a checkmark added automatically to indicate that it has been copied.
  • The job can be scheduled to run regularly or triggered by a Webhook.
💡Heads up

The other table -where the records are copied in- should have all the same fields that the original table has.

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it to:

  • Copy/paste a record template
  • Save records copies as backups


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Site visitor
Site visitor

Can you have it copy all records in a view, or does in only do one record at a time? When I tried it only one record copied. And, is there a limit on the number of these copy routines you can setup?


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