A better way to manage your Dropbox attachments in Airtable. Generate folders in bulk and add their links to Airtable

This extension helps you manage attachments in Airtable. It creates folders automatically in Dropbox based on record names in Airtable, and then automatically adds directories’ links to each record in Airtable. Easily locate your files and access them directly whenever you need! This tool can automate this entire process for you. Instead of you going to Dropbox, creating a folder for each client, then manually coping its share-link and pasting it in Airtable.


  • Create folders in Dropbox automatically.
  • Name the folders after any Airtable field (e.g. formula).
  • Add the folders URLs to Airtable automatically.

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it to:

  • Auto-generate folders for clients
  • Organize thousands of folders in 1-click

Note: any changes to the record name after folder creation will not be reflected in Dropbox. Share URLs would stay valid however.


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Do you have a similar extension to this: but with Gdrive?


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