Best Airtable Plugins

Here are some of our top Airtable Plugins/Extensions:

  1. miniExtensions Form for Airtable: Allow people to update some parts of existing records without giving them full access to Airtable
  2. miniExtensions Portal for Airtable: Share records with people outside of your organization. Limit them to only see their records and allow them to update some parts of the records.
  3. Convert URLs to Airtable Attachments: In bulk, convert URLs that are stored in your Airtable table to attachments.
  4. View Editor for Airtable: Share a view editor for Airtable. Control which fields can be seen and edited.
  5. Custom Gallery View for Airtable: Display Airtable records as if they’re part of your website
  6. Bulk Download Airtable Attachments: Mass export them with 1-click

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