Use an Airtable Form to edit existing records. A simple solution that doesn't require a complex workflow.

We launched the next generation of this extension. It allows you to do everything that you already can with this extension, plus many more features. It has major improvements in the overall user experience. Go check it out!

This extension generates a unique URL for every record in your table. When one of those links is clicked, it’ll open an Airtable Form that’s prefilled with the record data. The user can then modify/update whatever they like. When they click submit, that record on Airtable will get instantly updated (and the submitted record gets deleted). It all happens behind the scenes automatically without leaving a trace of the form submissions.

💡This extension is ideal if you need some people to update records in your table, without giving them access to your base.

  • Can build multiple forms (could be in different tables/bases).
  • The ability to limit which fields can be edited.
  • Fields are pre-populated with the existing data before editing.
  • Records are updated instantly after form submission.
  • Doesn’t require other 3rd party integrations (e.g. Zapier/Integromat)
  • The form requires minimal setup (no need to set up another table nor map multiple fields/select options)
  • Supports limiting linked record selection to a view.
  • Ability to redirect users to a custom page after the record is updated. (e.g. your website)

This extension is mostly used together with our Client Portal extension.

  • Require using Airtable Form redirect URL and having a ‘Record ID’ field.
  • Attachments: the extension allows adding new attachments to a field, but doesn’t allow removing existing ones.
  • Auto-number: the extension requires creating a temporary record, which would affect the auto-number field’s sequential order. So if your workflow relies on it, our other extension ‘miniExtensions Form‘ would be a better option for you.

⚠️ This extension requires having a PRO Airtable account.

After I submit the form a new record is created, but the original one is not updated.

Possible reasons:
1. The form redirect URL is incorrect. Double-check it.
2. The ‘Record to update’ field has limited field permissions. Make sure to keep it ‘Editors and up’.
3. The ‘Record to update’ field is not included in the form or hidden with the “Conditional form fields” feature. Make sure it’s always visible in order for it to be pre-filled.

I’m being taken to the wrong form. What’s going on?

All you need is to double-check:
1. The form URL on the extension settings page.
2. The formula field in the table itself.
3. The formula-redirect URL.
What most likely is happening is that one of these three things is incorrect.

Some field names are missing from the imported list. How can I add them?

Field names are automatically detected when you run the script. However, if a field is added after the script run, it must be run again in order to show up in miniExtensions.

After I submit the form and get redirected, I get an error.

Make sure all field names in your extension settings match the ones in your form exactly. Probably one is missing.

The record is being updated correctly, but at the same time, some other fields that are not in the form are being deleted.

Make sure all field names in your extension settings match the ones in your form exactly. If there are fields that are included in the settings but are not in the form, their values will then be deleted. Remove them from miniExtensions settings.

When some multi-select options are selected in the form, they don’t get saved in Airtable, why?

Because the values have commas in them. You have to remove the commas from those option values. Commas are not supported in multi-select field options.

I see duplicate records and older ones are not being removed, why?

There are two ways that this can happen: a user did not wait for the redirect to happen after the Airtable form, or an error occurred during the redirect. In the second case, the error would be clearly shown to the user, so they would know that the record was not updated. However, the first case is more likely what’s going on.

Unfortunately, Airtable takes a few seconds before redirecting, and if someone closes the page while that’s happening, then the user never actually makes it to miniExtensions, so we wouldn’t know that a record was just created.

After I submit the form, I’m getting this error “You are not authorized to perform this operation”.

2 possible reasons:
1. You got an incorrect API key for your Airtable account. Try to update it. You probably clicked on the ‘Re-generate API key’ on the Airtable account page by mistake.
2. Check form field permissions. They can’t have any restrictions.


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Site visitor
Site visitor

I have a new form, under the same base. I added a second form in the extension. But in the second form, the editor URL leads back to the first form. Do the forms need to be in different bases for the editor url/this extension to work?

Reply to  Site visitor

No, all you need is to double check the form url you are in the extension settings page. The formula field in the table itself and the formula redirect URL. What most likely happening is that one of these three things is incorrect.

Site visitor
Site visitor

Sometimes this happen to us, where the user entry is entered to a new row, but there is a reference ID in the “Record to Update” column. This reference ID matched the initial row this user is assigned to. Can I know what is the cause of this?

Reply to  Site visitor

If it’s happening only sometimes, that means the user has not waited till the URL redirect to happen, which should take five seconds in Airtable.

Site visitor
Site visitor

Have you disabled this extension? What if I don’t want to use the miniExtension form? I want to set up a new process using this extension. I only can it on use my existing table?

Reply to  Site visitor

No, we haven’t disabled this extension. We retired (deprecated) the extension. Which means it’s no longer being updated and supported. If you have it set up correctly, it should be still functioning properly. You can setup a new copy of the extension. You don’t have to use the same table. You would need to re-sync the base if a table is missing.


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