This extension allows you to embed a simple dynamic chart in your website based on data that you have in Airtable.

All you need to do is to select the table>view>fields where the data is stored and a chart will be generated for you.


Here are some sample charts that have been embedded in this page:


  • Supports two different chart types (bar and line).
  • Customizable chart size.
  • Chart data is always up-to-date.

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it for:

  • Financial reports
  • KPI metrics

If you click on the sample view below, you’ll see the table that’s used for the demo above.


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Third Party Integration

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Site visitor
Site visitor

I’m having trouble getting my data to chart the correct way. I’m attempting to create a graph for financial metrics (6 total data points) for one particular record. I have those 6 data points as individual column headers in Airtable. When i select the Y axis, I can only select one of those data points.

Site visitor
Site visitor
Reply to  miniExtensions

So if one company has 2018 2019 and 2020 Revenues, how would that be all in one row? Meaning, the columns title “2019 Revenue” “2020 Revenue” and the info would be under those all in the same row as the company.


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You can use the subscription on different bases/accounts. It covers universal access to all of our extensions which extensions can be setup for multiple bases and tables. We explain how many Airtable bases you can use on our pricing page.


On paid plans, there’s no limit on the number of records you can process. Unlike Zapier and Integromat, our pricing is per month, not per record. However, there might be limitations by third party integrations.


We have instructional videos for how to use each one of our extensions on the product page. They guide you step-by-step of how to set them up.


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Unfortunately, we only offer plans that provide unlimited access to all of our extensions.


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