Create new records by clicking a link or scanning a QR code.

This extension allows you to create new records using Webhooks. You can integrate the generated webhook URL with other apps, or simply allow users to click on a link to create a new record.

After the record is created, the user would be redirected to a page that displays the entered data. You also have the option to redirect the user to any custom URL.


  • Auto-generated landing page for the created record (with auto refresh).
  • Optional custom URL redirect.
  • Supports prefill_ parameters (Like Airtable Forms).

This extension works perfectly together with our QR code generator.

Use Cases

This extension can be useful in a lot of scenarios. You can use it for:

  • Inventory Management
  • Create a record by clicking on a link
  • Triggering a webhook from another Webhook
  • Create a record by scanning a QR code

Clicking on the button above will instantly create a new record, which you can then see in the sample view below.


Supported features

Third Party Integration

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Site visitor
Site visitor
10 months ago

I have a Reservations table and a Listings table and a Guests table. the webhook contains data for all 3 so my current setup is a Reservation record has all of this data. but really the best way would be to have only the Reservation data itself in that table, and link to records in the other 2. So how would I set it up to consume the hook that way where it writes the reservation data and then adds the links to other tables for each incoming hook?

Maybe it is better phrased this way: is there a way to map the fields in an incoming webhook to more than one table?

So a hook will contain reservation code, check in date, check out date, guest name, guest ID, listing name, listing address, listing ID, and payment fields. I don’t really need the listing address and other listing fields in the reservations table. But I would like at least 1 field in reservations that links to the appropriate listing in the Listing table.

So wondering if an incoming hook can be mapped accordingly so reservation details are written to reservation table and, for instance, listing nickname can populate a linked record field to link to the appropriate record in listing table instead of keeping all the listing fields from the hook in reservations table.

Site visitor
Site visitor
10 months ago
Reply to  miniExtensions

So I could have incoming hooks just all come into an “inbox” table and setup rules and automations and such inside Airtable to do the rest.


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