Automatically upload your Airtable Attachments to Dropbox!
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This extension is no longer available. Unfortunately, we had to remove it from our list because it had reliability issues. Especially when it comes to cases with large number of attachments. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when it’s re-released in the future!

With this extension, you can automatically upload your Airtable attachments to Dropbox! This extension can be scheduled to run regularly and supports webhooks. If you have multiple attachments for a given row, this extension will upload all of them!


  • Automatically generates a new folder for every record.
  • Folders can be named after a specific field (e.g. formula).
  • All attachments in each each record gets uploaded to its own folder.


  • If a table contains lots of records (+500), the extension might timeout and would need a manual re-run.
  • If a record contains lots of attachments (+10), the extension might timeout and would need a manual re-run.
💡Dropbox Folders

We’ve built another extension that allows you to create folders in Dropbox automatically.


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