Automatically export CSV files for Airtable Views to easily integrate data with other apps

Need to pull in data from Airtable to automate some reports? With this extension, you can automate exporting CSVs for Airtable Views! This extension can be scheduled to run regularly, and supports webhooks. It provides you with a static URL for each CSV. Every time the extension is re-ran, the URL would reflect the latest CSV with the latest data.

Use case examples: import data in Google Sheets Dropbox Email..etc.


This CSV was exported with the extension for this Airtable View. To download the CSV, right click on it, and then click “Download Linked File”.


  • Supporting multiple views from up to 10 different tables/bases.
  • Unchanging URL for CSV files even when exported again.
  • Ability to schedule files to be exported regularly.
  • Ability to trigger export function by a Webhook.
  • Supports exporting Markdown to retain formatting for the new rich text field.

šŸ’”This extension is ideal for people who often need to download CSV files manually.


  • Linked records will be shown as IDs. To Fix that, please add a look up field that shows the linked record’s name, and then hide the original linked record field.
  • Fields that are hidden through Airtable’s UI will still be included in the CSV because Airtable does not tell us that those fields are hidden. To hide fields, add their names to the “Fields to Hide” textfield in our extension.


  • March 21, 2020

Supported features

  • āœ… scheduling
  • āœ… webhook

Third Party Integration

  • None


Most frequent questions and answers

You can useĀ theĀ subscription on different bases/accounts. It covers universal access to all of our extensions. Some of them support multi base/table/views and some donā€™t. You can find that details on each product page.

There’s no limit on the number of records you can process. Unlike Zapier and Integromat, our pricing is per month, not per record. However, there might be limitations by third party integrations. Also, some extensions can only run on one table at a time. Please refer to each extension’s page on whether or not it supports running on multiple tables simultaneously.

Yes. Submit your request hereĀ and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes! Also, please note that we usually make updates when users request them. We try our best to make things work like expected.