Set a new value for a single Airtable record by clicking a link
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What this extension does is that it prefills a form and auto-submits it. This extension has now been replaced with miniExtensions Form by using the auto submission feature (with prefill). Users will have the same exact experience. They would click on a link to update a record.

This extension generates URLs for every record in your table. When a URL is clicked, the record it belongs to will have a single value updated to a new value that is pre-defined.

This extension is ideal for approval workflows. It allows you to update a certain value in an Airtable record with a click. It provides you with a formula that generates a unique URL (webhook) for each record in your table. When any URL is opened, a specific value will get updated.

💡 New Feature

– The new value can now be fixed (static text) or dynamic (Airtable field) not shown in the video!

Example use cases:

  • Using a QR code scanner for quick attendees check-in inventory management..etc.
  • Sending an email verification request (e.g. click to verify your address).
  • Building an approval workflow logic in a shared view (e.g. click to approve attachment/mark task as completed).
    Without having to invite them as users.

Email verification workflow (example)

  1. Setup Zapier to send an email to the user when a new record is added in Airtable.
  2. Set the email to include the generated link that’s found in the extension’s formula field in Airtable.
  3. When the link is clicked, its matching record in Airtable would be updated with a pre-set value (e.g. checkbox > ☑️)

💡This extension works perfectly when used together with our other extension QR code generator

I clicked the URL, but nothing happened.

The value you’re trying to update might be already updated.


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Site visitor
Site visitor

Can I edit a record via webhook url? I want a field value to change on the click of a button.

Reply to  Site visitor

Yes, this is the right extension for your task.

Site visitor
Site visitor

Is there anything I can do to customize what happens after a user has clicked the link? I would love to be able to redirect them to a page or provide a customized message.

Reply to  Site visitor

Yes, you can redirect the users to any page you like.


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